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We provide affordable Tech services to people, businesses and institutions creating new financial business models to cater for small and medium scale enterprises. This covers endeavors that have been cut off from technology streams, running in tens of millions, due to high costs of tech facilities and services (network access, software development, software applications, graphics etc) which they cannot afford to integrate into their budget. Wherefore they still use analog operation systems in an era of digitization. As venture owners our main scope is to serve the middle class, small businesses in our locality and its environs with standard, cheap, flexible and modern Technological products and services; achieving better service delivery, stimulating our local economy to attract investors, partnerships and collaborations thereby creating jobs, wealth and well being of our people.

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Advertising & Marketing Services

We have created cheap, convenient and effective Advertisement framework for our customers in various spheres of endeavor.

Networking Services

We deployed WANs, WLANs, LANs for individuals, Companies and educational institutions. Our clients use our WLANs to access our numerous services and products.

Software Development

We have built real-time communication applications to reduce the heavy costs of communication in our locality. We are providing solutions to the tech needs of the Educational, Health, Trade and Real Estate sectors of our region.

Database Management & Data Encryption

We provide creation and management of data and also help secure it from theft and failures.

Web Design

Encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.[1] The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization..

Intranet Development

Information is a vital commodity for the successful operation of today's organizations. Nowadays, modern business organizations are using computerized information systems in order to obtain such information.

A.I & Machine Learning

This platform would offer SMEs the needed tool to grow their business to greater heights. Our A.I solutions hands over the heavy lifting to machines, while our clients have more time to perfect their product and business models.

Cyber Security

Our security solution protect information, access and keeps the computer safe from malicious users and softwares.


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Listed below are just a few of our done projects and works.

Meet our team

Ukweni Iheanacho Team Captain

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Passionate about tech and zealous for the industrialization of Africans. Investment oriented and a true gentleman.

Ukweni Shekinah Deputy Team Captain

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software developer with ten years of experience. I create applications for the web, mobile and desktop.

Prince Olelewe Team Member

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Backend Development and Database Administration.

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km 4 Ossah/Okigwe road Silverlux avenue, Opposite Eziama hall Ossah Umuahia North LGA
Abia State, Nigeria

+234 0891 7878 10

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